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KEAC Meeting Minutes - September 15,2008
Kittery Energy Advisory Committee (KEAC)
September 15, 2008 Meeting Minutes
7:00PM- Council Chambers

1)      Welcome, Introductions and review of minutes from July 21st  meeting
Action: Jon Carter welcomed everyone and asked them to sign in on the sheet circulating around the room. He introduced Sarah Brown as the KEAC Chairperson /organizer and gave a brief history for several new attendees from Kittery and South Berwick. New additions to the group were, Randy Stewart, Sue Pullar, Travis Genatossio, Whitney Schwartz and Devin Beliveau.

Both Sarah and Jon discussed with the members that Vice Chairman Charlie Case and his partner Sherry have resigned from KEAC as they are moving to Eliot.  Jon then asked those in attendance to introduce themselves.  The KEAC is in need of a co-chair to take over Case’s duties – Sarah will put out a message to all KEAC members to see if anyone is interested in stepping to the plate.  He handed out the August 18th KEAC Meeting Minutes and they were, following members reading them, found satisfactorily by consensus.  

2)      Update on Projects– Charlie Case and Town energy projects –Jon Carter
Action: Jon gave a thumbnail briefing on the following energy projects underway:
·       Wind Turbine- delayed but is scheduled to be erected by first full week of October.
·       Wind Turbine Educational  KIOSK- Cameron Wake is in the process of working with  Shapleigh School  and Entegrity Wind (vendor) to design the system.
·       Municipal Complex – Installation of Natural gas to the facility-Council approved 9/8/08
·       Municipal Complex – Authorization to proceed with Co-Gen Marathon Eco Power Unit – Council approved 9/8/08
·       Municipal Complex- Town Hall- 4day /10 hour workweek Pilot Demonstration - Council approved 9/8/08 commencing 10/6/08
·       School Department – Re-lamping at all 4 schools- completed
·       Municipal Complex- Third Phase HVAC Review and upgrade- To be started with load meter ordered from CMP
·       Sanitary Treatment Plant Upgrade- Efficiency Maine participation
·       Highway Garage and Solid Waste Facility Lighting upgrade under consideration w/ Efficiency Maine Participating

3)      Proposal presentation and recommendations:
a.      International Wood Fuels gave a short presentation on their industrial sized wood pellet boiler systems (very interesting concept, no capital basically agree to buy the pellets for 10 years and get the boiler for free!
Presenters Mike Mooney, ( and Drew Drummond, ( from International WoodFuels Inc., Portland, Maine spoke to KEAC and presented their company’s business plan and concept of supplying in 2009 to properly sized facilities, with threshold energy usage (oil -50,000 gallons),commercial sized wood pellet boilers connected into the facility and maintained by them with a 10 year wood pellet fuel contract. All IWoodFuels pellets are made from only local, (NH and ME) forests that are sustainbly harvested and the entire operation is carbon neutral and operates on a sustainable loop from the ash being composted to the delivery trucks running on biofuels.  The contract is based on oil pricing and presents a large savings as long as oil cost more than $2 a gallon. The only public facility that would qualify is Traip Academy. However the Cook section of Traip  is steam which has major cost implications to change over. KEAC thanked the presenters for their time.

b.      Fuel Conversion Bid on Public Facilities due 8/22/08 ( Natural Gas vs Propane vs Oil)
Action: Jon explained that the Town and School Departments had spent considerable time to undertake a bid to replace the burners at the public facilities with dual fuel burners and looked at converting Shapleigh and Traip to Natural gas and Frisbee, 2 fire stations, Mitchell and the Recreation Center to propane. The bids came in just for the 4 schools at over $75,000 with no bid for the other facilities. Staff reviewed and decided that since the School Committee was proposing a three school consolidation effort with additions to Shapleigh and Mitchell, that it was better to wait  on that process. The other non-school buildings would be pursued for burner change outs.

4)      Open discussion on determining ways to assist those with an “Energy Need” this winter to enhance the Town’s Fuel and More Program.
Action: Jon  and Nancy Fallon discussed the fundraiser dance on October 11th – from 6:30pm-11pm with tickets costing $35 individually and $60 per couple.  The event is being billed, “River Dance” and takes place at the Weathervane facility on Badger’s Island.  Help was requested from KEAC in selling tickets and actually putting the event on. The committee also discussed the different concepts available to them to assist families with winterization education. A lot of discussion was centered on how KEAC could assist and it was left that the different subcommittees might discuss ideas further when they met.

5)      Update from Subcommittees:
Action: Sarah led the discussion and used the update from July as the basis to run through the different subcommittees. She felt that KEAC had many successes, but the momentum had slowed and participation slipped. Members present shared a similar sentiment and the consensus was to get the subcommittee back working on assignments and use the next meeting for outcomes and action items needed to move things forward.  

A meeting was called for October 20th as a refocus Meeting of all interestd parties of the KEAC (7pm town hall) – in an effort to re-energize the KEAC.  
Please mark your calendars!

KEAC List for Follow Up 7 21 08

1.~ Review the co-gen proposal for the Municipal Building – Reducing Energy Use Subcommittee

2.  Install test LEDs for the parking lot lights at the Municipal Building – Reducing Energy Use Subcommittee

3.~ Meet with Sandra Mowrey to review the solar and wind ordinances we borrowed from other towns. – Policy Changes and Ordinances Subcommittee

4.~ Contact the energy folks in Scarborough and Wiscasset to understand the processes they put in place to minimize electricity surcharges (it's more than just changing to an Advanced Meter).~ Then work with the schools to set up a process that will work in Kittery – Reducing Energy Use Subcommittee

5.  Meet with the schools in the fall (or earlier) to initiate energy audits – Reducing Energy Use Subcommittee

6.  Find out from the schools if we can be of assistance in the study to switch to propane for heat – Reducing Energy Use Subcommittee

7.~ Review the school initiatives from the Education subcommittee with Larry Littlefield - MEEP, Carbon Challenge and Clean Air Zone – Education Subcommittee

8.~ Work with Steve Tapley to come up with a low cost system to insulate the pump stations and reduce the need for electric heat in the winter – Reducing Energy use Subcommittee

9.~ Formalize a proposal for small solar or wind on the Harbormaster building – Reducing Energy Use Subcommittee

10.~Set up a collection box at the Solid Waste transfer station for Yogurt containers and a process for collecting and mailing them to the recycler – Consumers Subcommittee

11. Set up the Idle-not campaign – Education Subcommittee

12. Get a second opinion about the feasibility of solar heating at the Fire Stations – Reducing Energy Use Subcommittee

13. Address immediate resource needs of homeowners to minimize their energy costs – Consumers Subcommittee

6)      KEAC priorities and direction for the next 60 days – reality check and assignments.  Action: Jon mentioned that there was a New England workshop at UNH on November 18th to discuss CNG vehicles and filling stations. With the advent of natural gas to the Municipal complex with the Public Works complex behind it, it might be feasible long term to convert the fleet to CNG and install a CNG fill station on the premises. He asked if anyone would like to attend. Several said they were interested like Maury Hepner.

Adjournment- 9:00 PM