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KEAC Meeting Minutes - June 16,2008

1.      Welcome & Introductions:

Jonathan Carter called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Everyone was welcomed and introduced themselves.  Present were members:  Sarah Brown, Nancy Farron, Charlie Case, Cameron Wake, Mara Lamstien, Gillian Carter, Jeff Clifford, Meredith Sudborough, Jim Rodier, Melissa Paly, Robert Sheppard, Glenn Shwaery and Lyn Rosoff.  Others present were:  Amie Plummer, Maury Hepner, Sherry Walworth, Will Pierce, and Ernie Evancic.  Next, Jon turned the meeting over to Sarah, who spoke briefly and then let Charlie Case have the floor.

2.      Reports from Sub-Committee Chairs:

·       Reducing Energy Use & Costs Sub-Committee:

Charlie Case made his presentation, using the chart and materials contained in the report.  He discussed the cooperation received between KEAC subcommittees with the town office and municipal departments and school department.  The materials presented were data base line development of different facilities, including streetlights and energy usage and projected usage for FY’09.  The major user, as indicated in the submitted report, were the schools, Sewer Dept., streetlights and municipal complex, which is followed by the Public Works Dept., Police Dept., Fire Dept., and Recreation Dept., then the Solid Waste, Library, Parks and the Kittery Port Authority.

Charlie indicated that the streetlights were the major factor that should be looked into further in how to make them more efficient (different bulbs) and/or a reduction in the 660 streetlights in town.  The Town Manager cautioned them using that process is one of the more political “hot potatoes” of the town and the Police Chief’s guidelines are used in reviewing requests for new streetlights.

Jeff Clifford reviewed his sub-committee’s report and presented a matrix of items of energy initiatives and ranking them for implementation.  He presented copies of that to the Town Manager and Mr. Case will be using a component of the matrix for the Council presentation at the July 14th Town Council meeting.  This will be included in those minutes.  

Jeff said that the “Yogurt Container Collection” program is to increase awareness and they are requesting a bin be set up at the Solid Waste Transfer Station.  Rick Rossiter had advised Meredith Sudborough that any charitable group requesting a bin be placed at the Solid Waste Transfer Station required Town Council endorsement.  It was agreed this would be part of the presentation to Council at its July 14th meeting.

·       Education Sub-Committee:
Melissa Paly, who is Chair for the Education sub-committee, reported that the KEAC website is being developed as part of the Town’s website and Phyllis Ford of Spruce Creek Association is volunteering to assist with enlarging the page with more items.  

In addition, Phyllis has worked with Melissa to develop a logo for the committee as part of the minutes.  The Committee chose the “Color A” sample.

The Committee discussed, as part of the Education sub-committee’s initiative, they wanted to move on toward getting both towns Portsmouth and Kittery to promote an “anti-idling” ordinance for both the Memorial and Sarah Mildred Long Bridges that would encourage people to shut off their vehicles while waiting for the bridges.  

At the meeting, Glenn Shwaery was asked to speak with a City Councilor in Portsmouth to see if there is any interest between the cities to work together on the project.

·       Policy Committee:  Sarah Brown spoke to the development of amending zoning ordinances to receive a small wind generators and solar projects similar to Eliot, Wiscasset and Damariscotta, Maine and Epping, NH.

Sarah said the sub-committee is also looking at building codes similar to York on “green” buildings Leeds and pesticide bans.  The Town Manager urged the sub committee to work closely with the Spruce Creek Association, who is beginning to look at those sorts of educational programs.

Sarah reported on her agenda on the Consumers Sub-Committee where she is working toward a bio-fuel “co-op.”  Discussion was held whether or not the Town could endorse this type of project.  The Town Manager said they could not, for liability and other reasons, and suggested that they stay with “Cool Kittery” as an option for now.

3.      Update - Town & School Items Not Covered

The Town Manager, Charlie Case and Sarah Brown updated the Committee on the town and school items not covered, such as the schools “re-lamping” project (new light fixtures installed).  Charlie brought up the issue of working with the school to look at load shedding possibilities at the schools as the Sewer Dept. has undertaken.

The Town Manager updated everyone on the wind turbine construction schedule, which will begin between July and September.

4.      Other Initiatives and Energy Opportunities

Cameron Wake discussed his interest in exploring a co- generator and urged the town to speak with Clay Mitchell about Epping’s Town Hall project.  He also brought up the issue of LED lights and of a company that has been recommended to him who would be willing to come and discuss the new generation of LED lights.  
He asked the Committee if they would be interested in having a speaker come to a joint meeting with perhaps the York and Eliot Energy Committees.  Dr. Wake would relay that message to the company.  

Jon Carter added he is working with dept. heads to determine if a 4 day, 10-hour work week would be beneficial, but indicated that the School Dept. has opposed the idea at this point, with the exception of when the schools are closed, either for the summer or Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.  He said only the Public Works Dept. would be able to utilize the 4/10 work week.  The Police Dept. is already on a 4/10 work week.

Also Craig Wilson spoke highly of buy over defill and opportunities and how positively the Public Works Director spoke of it.  He said he has heard him speaking with Steve Russell of the NH Public Works Director and he urged Rick to speak with him.

5.      July 14th Report To Council

The Committee decided that Charlie Case would present the materials to Council that he has reviewed with KEAC tonight, along with the flow charts and other data that Jeff Clifford has put together on energy initiatives and highlighted positive items discussed at the meeting.   The Town Manager said the presentation would be held at 7 pm on July 14th and that he would need the information for the Council packets no later than July 9th.  Jon also said this is an opportunity to communicate with the public along with the upcoming Quarterly.   He said members should consider what they would like to insert into the Quarterly.

6.      Other assignments, items, meeting date

No other items or meetings were mentioned.

7.      Adjournment (no later than 9 pm)

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.